Spirit and duty:

Duty to society: foster first class talents and make first rate products. Pay taxes and take on the social duty and obligation.

Duty to customers:respect the customers and create value for them.The sole standard for weighing the job is to make the customers satisfied.

Duty to employees: respect the employees and create opportunities for them. Provide them vocational training and work out each employee’s specific Development target and life plan to foster employees growing up to become Useful persons. Employees’duty to company: accomplish each task with both quality and Quantity on time .make efforts to satisfy customers and fight for kuroda-chaoyang  to be the Leading runner in motor core die industry! Employees’duty to employees carry on the spirit of unity and harmonious Cooperation and take on difficulties so as to make things easy for others. Employees’duty to one’s family:respect the aged and love the young to Requite one’s parents for their care and upbringing. Respect and support the Aged and foster the children to grow up and become useful talents to make more Contributions to the society.