kuroda-chaoyang group is a professioanl manufacturer in motor stator rotor stamping die , sheet metal stamping die , electrical equipment , stator rotor automatic winding machine etc from 1990, now the company have 8000 square meter plants in dongguan city , guangdong province . kuroda-chaoyang get ISO9001 in 2012 , and now kuroda-chaoyang have about 500 customer in the world, kuroda-chaoyang mould and machien have exprorted to vietnam , India, Bangladesh , Iran , Turkey ,Japan , Itlay etc .
kuroda-chaoyang is commited to develop and produced the moudl and machine , continue to introduce advanced production and processing equipment ,Agma cnc machine 2 sets , taiwan yawei cnc machine 3 sets , China cnc machine 3 sets ,kent surface grinding machine 2 sets, precision grinding machine 20 sets , America MOORE JG gridning machine 3 sets, Japan sodick wire cut machine 3 sets , seibu wire cut machine 2 sets , China EDM machine 15 sets , 10 sets drilling machine , and milling machine etc .
kuroda-chaoyang motor stator rotor stamping die
*automatic interlock
*automatic rotor skew angle
*automatic shoulder
* lamination rotation function
*the lamination size from OD 4mm to 600mm progressive automatic skew angle and interlock dies
*the material thickness is from 0.1mm to 1.5mm
Kuroda-chaoyang electrical equipment
*automatic motor stator rotor winding machine
*automatic motor stator rotor insulation paper insertion machine
*automatic motor stator rotor coil winding middle forming machine
*automatic stator rotor coil lacing machine

Through hard working and uninterrupted technical innovation for more than 28 years, kuroda-chaoyang becomes the most advanced and professional and the largest R & D center and manufacture base of motor core lamination precision progressive die and equipment in China. Its annual capacity is 600 sets of hard alloy multiple positions progressive die and 300 sets electrical equipment , now kuroda-chaoyang product have exported to 32 countries and get 500 customer in the world, kuroda-chaoyang have win world believe, if you have nay need , please contact kuroda-chaoyang.

electrical stamping die