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Motor lamination progressive stamping die

motor core lamination progressive stamping die, it is a motor core lamination cabide progressive stamping die with integration of machinery and electricity.it features an accuracy of 2um,a step accuracy of 3um,matrix insert segment accuracy of 1um,dual rotation accuracy+-1,surface roughness Ra0.1-0.4um.and die sets parallelism of 0.01mm/1000mm. the motor die can be used on the high-speed stamping machine at a speed of 300-500 spm,and it is completed with a unmber of functions such as automatic punching,interlocking,skewing slot,dividing into groups and rotation, some electronic monitor devices are equipped on the die such as air cylinder, solenoid valve and detector of misfeeding and double thickness. The success rate of once trial test run of the progressive die is 80% with 300-500 spn.averaged grinding frequency of 150 million.

Motor lamination single punching and compound die

With detachable precision die carrier, modern punch bounding process and numerically controlled precision processing and measuring technology, the motor die features easy grinding, high guidance precision, good punch stability, uniform blanking clearance and long service life, the success rate of once trial test run of the motor die 95% with an averaged grinding frequency of 1500,000 strokes. Both the quality and technical level of model Y, Y2 series lasting motor silicon steel sheet cold punch die.

What People Say

Through hard working and uninterrupted technical innovation for more than 28 years, kuroda-chaoyang becomes the most advanced and professional and the largest R & D center and manufacture base of motor core lamination precision progressive die and equipment in China. Its annual capacity is 600 sets of hard alloy multiple positions progressive die and 300 sets electrical equipment , now kuroda-chaoyang product have exported to 32 countries and get 500 customer in the world, kuroda-chaoyang have win world believe, if you have nay need , please contact kuroda-chaoyang.


kuroda-chaoyang motor stator rotor stamping die *automatic interlock *automatic rotor skew angle *automatic shoulder * lamination rotation function *the lamination size from OD 4mm to 600mm progressive automatic skew angle and interlock dies *the material thickness is from 0.1mm to 1.5mm

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