hard alloy progressive die for motor stator rotor core, electrical stamping dies, electrical lamination stamping dies

Company is specialized in manufacturing and sales all kinds of motor iron core high-speed progressive die at:Including air conditioning refrigerator compressor, air conditioning plastic sealed motor motor, electric tools, garden tools, Y series motor, induction motor and cover pole motor, dc motor, washer dryer motor, fan motor, water pump, oil pump motor, tubular pump motor, automobile generator (coiling machine), electric motor (coiling machine), gasoline/diesel generators, u-shaped channeling motor, meters, transformers and electric welding machine, stepper motors, connectors and other high-speed motor iron core level into a mold.


Company produces the motor iron core progressive die of features:Pieces, automatic riveting stack, twisting the trough, steps, coiling, g, etc.Company produces moulds can fully guarantee the requirement of high precision, long life, create more value for customers, and achieve higher returns.After its establishment, the company timely tracking domestic and international advanced level in mold manufacturing level, with advanced production technology, technology and scientific management methods, improve the company’s mold manufacturing level


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