Inspection and Maintenance

1、Daily inspection

1). The inspection of the product

The product quality is up to the die production and assembly procedure. The user could find out the die performance through the inspection of the product: Dose it needs some adjustment? Is there any problem with the die? The inspection of the product contains as least the following points:

1.Is the dimension of the product in accordance with the drawing, if it is out-of-tolerance, the cutting edge needed regrinding.

2.Check the surface and the shape of the product.

3.Check the burr of the product

2).The inspection of the die performance

Aside from the inspection of the product, the day-to-day inspection of the die is also required. As follows:

1.Check the surface of the punch and matrix:, make sure there is no fissure and crack. Keep the cutting edge sharp.

2.Check the each working parts , to make sure the normal performance and coordination of each parts.

3.Check the guide assembly; to make sure there is no wear-out and roughness in some place; keep the guide bush, guide post and the rolling ball are in good coordination.

4.Check the precision of the standard parts, the function of the stripper plate and the elasticity of the spring parts.

5.Check the locating assembly, to keep the firmness of the fastener,such as bolt.

6.Check all the attachments and the protective assembly, to make sure they are in good state.

3).Maintenance and daily upkeep

The multiple positions hard alloy progressive die is special technical equipment, which is marked by high precision, high speed and long life-term. The Maintenance and daily upkeep are important for the normal performance of the die. Proper and regular maintenance could longer the life-span of the die and improve the quality of the product. The following points are essential:

1.First, make sure the die and the press is well-matched.

2.Do the Try –stamping according to the adjustment and operation procedure. Check the strip layout and Dimension Precision such as the height of interlocking point of stack.

3.Comply with the operation procedure; oil the each working parts and matching surface.

4.Apply the rust-proof oil after cleaning; cover the upper guide bush hole with a piece of paper, to prevent the dust and other article drop into the hole, other wise the precision of the die may be affect. At last, deliver the die to the appointed place in time.

5.When the die is put in storage, check carefully and take a record of the important information, such as die code , name, time of storage, stamping times, repairs times, repair info and etc. The last strip layout should also be kept with the die.

6.The storage room should be well-ventilated and fireproof. A person is needed to take charge of it.