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electrical lamination progressive dies

electrical lamination progressive dies

Formed from M19 electrical steel, the Upper Rotors stack measured 1.457″ in outer diameter and .897″ in inner diameter, with a total material height of .393″. Once all parts were completed and 100% inspected via a camera inspection machine, we custom packaged the finished units into anti-static plastic trays, which were then placed into cartons that were barcoded and labeled for delivery. All final items were shipped to our customer’s facility in the Midwest.


Known for our high-quality motor lamination progressive stamping dies services, kuroda-chaoyang electrical stamping mould & die co.,ltd was contracted by a client from the automotive industry to produce a large series of stamped laminations used for electric power steering motor applications. With our advanced equipment , our moulds was able to run at 400 -600 cycles per minute and hold overall precision tolerances down to ± .002.



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