electrical stamping & lamination stamping die supplier

mixer lamination progressive stamping dies

mixer lamination progressive stamping dies

kuroda-chaoyang electrical stampings & laminations stamping mould co.,ltd

We endeavor to exceed client’s’ expectations by offering them a wide range of Electrical Stampings & Lamination moulds according to their drawings and design. We can supply loose lamination die,automatic stacking lamination die, automatic skew stator rotor die , automatic rotation lamination dies ,Stamping dies  can be supplied either from non-silicon steel that is CR or from silicon electrical steel of all grades as per customers requirements. Stampings are manufactured within very close tolerance as per international standards. We can supply stampings  moulds for electrical motors, generators and fans.



Tool Designing, manufacturing & maintenance

As a major strength of company , tool room is well equipped & supported by latest designing facilites in-house.

With a good network of sub contactors for special processs of vaccum heat treatment & using inhouse grinding, jig boring & wire cut facilites, company can manufacuture tool of size 4000mm*2000mm .

With efforts of Highly Qualified ToolRoom engirneers, company has manufactured more than 3000 High speed progressive tools running with spm of 100 to 800 nos.



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